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Packaging Materials

Having started as the agent of a leading caps brand in the 1980s, the Packaging Materials department of Naggiar expanded to represent several world renowned suppliers with a variety of packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries.

Among our customers are Lebanon’s wine industry, olive oil producers, food suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, printers and converters.


Glass bottles & jars

As Lebanon’s wine production grows, so does Naggiar’s supply of quality glass bottles, which come in a range of colors, frosting, printing, and engraving options. These products are currently used for wine, beer, and olive oil to customers throughout the Levant.


- Overcaps (in tin and polylaminates)
- Thermocaps (in PVC)
- Screwcaps (in aluminum)


Twist-Off® lug closure for glass containers, designed for use with the Vapour-Vacuum® method to provide excellent oxygen barrier properties and dramatically enhanced shelf life for foods.


Made exclusively from the finest tight-grained oak with special finishing process that enhances its top-of-the-line quality.
Combining age-old craftsmanship and state of the art techniques.

PVC Films

Calendered rigid mono- and high-barrier films (with recycled content), for primary packaging of pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, medical devices and consumer, printing and specialty applications.


Stoppers are available in :
- Cork
- Plastic
- Wood
- In a variety of colors

Additional customization (such as embossing or printing) can be provided upon request.